The B.A.T

Bitcoin Lightning ATM

Experience the power of our small and portable Bitcoin Lightning ATM, revolutionizing on-ramp in Bitcoin economies across the world.

  • Customization at Its Best

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    The B.A.T Bitcoin Lightning ATM offers unparalleled customization, allowing users to tailor its interface and settings for a personalized experience. Its flexible features cater to both tech enthusiasts and business owners, providing a unique user journey in diverse settings.

  • Innovative QR and NFC Withdrawals

    Experience the innovation of the B.A.T, the world's first Bitcoin Lightning ATM with NFC withdrawal. This compact ATM revolutionizes transactions with QR and NFC capabilities, supporting both LNURL, LN Address and Boltcard. Enjoy contactless, fast withdrawals, a major leap over traditional ATMs, aligning perfectly with modern transaction trends.

  • Compact, Cost-Effective, and Portable

    The B.A.T excels in size, cost, and portability. Compact yet functional, it's ideal for any location, from small shops to big events. Affordable and portable, this Bitcoin Lightning ATM is perfect for mobile business models and personal use, offering great value and versatility.

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Introducing The B.A.T

The Bitcoin Lightning ATM (B.A.T), a revolutionary step in cryptocurrency technology, directly integrates with as a funding wallet, setting a new standard in the digital currency realm. As the first highly functional Bitcoin Lightning ATM, the B.A.T stands out with its innovative NFC withdrawal capabilities, supporting LNURL, LN Address, and Boltcard. This ATM is not just a machine; it's a gateway to the future of Bitcoin transactions, offering a seamless blend of advanced features like a thermal printer, NFC withdrawal, and Over-The-Air (OTA) update capability.

Equipped with a large screen and enhanced user customization options, the B.A.T is uniquely positioned to cater to both hobbyists and commercial environments. Its genesis lies in the vision of creating a highly usable, small, and portable ATM, designed to ignite Bitcoin circular economies anywhere. Whether it's for events, markets, shops, or parties, all you need is a power supply (plug or battery) and a Wi-Fi connection for certain features like NFC (though it also functions entirely offline).

In addition to its primary role, the B.A.T also serves as a unique paper Gift voucher dispenser, offering a secondary function that further distinguishes it in the market. Embrace the future of Bitcoin transactions with the B.A.T, your versatile and portable Bitcoin Lightning ATM, ready to transform any location into a hub for cryptocurrency exchange.



Elevate your business and tap into new markets with the B.A.T Bitcoin Lightning ATM, a key player in fostering Bitcoin circular economies. This small, portable ATM is ideal for a variety of locations, from trendy cafes to local markets, acting as a vital on-ramp for Bitcoin transactions. Its presence not only serves existing Bitcoin users but also introduces new audiences to Bitcoin, sparking interest and participation in decentralized financial ecosystems. Perfect for events and community gatherings, the B.A.T facilitates seamless Bitcoin exchanges, empowering both businesses and consumers to be part of the thriving Bitcoin economy.


The B.A.T Bitcoin Lightning ATM is a marvel in modern technology, offering a range of features like instant NFC withdrawals, user-friendly interface, receipt printer and customizable transaction options. It's designed for efficiency and ease, catering to both seasoned cryptocurrency users and newcomers, making it a versatile addition to any setting.


Setting up the B.A.T Bitcoin Lightning ATM is remarkably straightforward. With its intuitive design and clear instructions, it's ready for use in just a few simple steps, making it accessible for anyone, regardless of technical expertize.


The B.A.T Bitcoin Lightning ATM stands at the forefront of technological advancement, embodying the spirit of open-source innovation. This not only ensures constant improvements and updates from a global community of developers but also offers transparency and customization unlike any other in the market. Ideal for tech enthusiasts and forward-thinking businesses, the B.A.T empowers users to be part of a collaborative and ever-evolving Bitcoin ecosystem.